“The Austin-based duo of Byrd & Street seem on a mission to prove that you don’t need more sounds, more instruments or more electricity to deliver a solid album of songs. And with this ‘less is more’ mentality, Byrd & Street came out of the studio with another terrific collection of songs on ‘Words And Music.’ The new CD opens with what would turn out to be one of my favorite songs, ‘I’m Gonna Swim’. From the outset, Byrd & Street’s strengths show with strong, thoughtful lyrics and effortless harmonies, intertwining with terrific playing.

Photo of Byrd & Street performing at event
 ‘When I Hear Her Sing’ is so sweet and beautiful. I was thinking this song was describing a woman’s physical beauty, and then it caught me by surprise (one of the fun things about listening to a song before noting the title). Here’s what I mean:

Sweet as the water that runs in the creek
Warm like the sunshine kissing my cheek
Pretty as the Dogwood’s bloom in the spring
It's like falling in love when I hear her sing....
Fresh as the morning after the rain
It’s like falling in love when I hear her sing

‘I Need A Small Town’ is another of many highlights on ‘Words And Music’. I love ‘Old Out Of Tune Guitar’. To me, this song touches on a love for music that so many people have in them, but few have truly tapped. “You’ll never hear the songs he plays / Just an old broken down guitar / You can only hear his music / With your heart” From the opening track, I just feel good about where ‘Words And Music’ takes me. It took me to the mid-70′s, when I would not just listen to – but study – Jim Croce albums with an unhealthy obsession. Byrd & Street’s ‘Words And Music’ is a CD that can be listened to several times, and each time, you can find something new and cool about it. Tommy Byrd and Kathy Street have been collaborating since 2001. From the open of ‘Words And Music’, it becomes evident that these two voices belong together. Their harmonies are the highlight of this album, but by no means the only reason that ‘Words And Music’ is a joy to listen to. This music breathes confidently.
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Dave Wheaton
Kean Radio
Throughout the night, I visited places in my heart that I hadn't seen for many years; some brought tears of sadness, some brought tears of joy, but one incredible thing is it was all so welcome and well balanced. Tommy Byrd & Kathy Street are one of the best shows I have ever heard.
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Alan Vajdos
Rear Vajdos, Rear Window Listening Room in Ganado,TX
"From the first chord of the first song to the last chord of the last song I was hooked! But then I've come to expect that of a Byrd & Street album. Absolutely phenomenal! Another winner from Byrd and Street!" 
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Jon Stein
WTBQ Warwick, NY 2-2014
"Love the music, musicians, and of course, your vocals! Your songs are excellent!"
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Artie Martello
WIOX Roxbury, NY 1-14

“…easy and comfortable like a spring afternoon in Texas.   The songs are chock full of characters we all know and love, accompanied by some of Austin’s best players, and delivering a message of hope and reflection.”  

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Roger Allen
KGSR Austin, TX 1-14
Byrd and Street are outstanding performers and songwriters who deliver the whole package-writing, playing and singing. As a source of songs for other artists or a first rate performance duo, I highly recommend them.
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Bruce Newlin
Tres Hombres Music, Austin TX
I found the album of Byrd and Street to be a fine collection of real Americana done with great integrity and soul. This one will stay in my collection.
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Bill Wence
Bill Wence Promotions, Nashville TN
The harmony between Byrd and Street is honest, tight, and downright lovely at times...When Street takes over lead vocals, the songs tend to be breezy, light jazz.  Byrd's most in-depth song may be "Just an Old House"
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Roderick Harrington
El Dorado News Times, El Dorado, AR
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